Invoice Factoring Group Launches a No Minimum and No Hassle Factoring Program

Invoice Factoring Group

(For immediate release) Miami, Florida - Small business owners can now benefit from Commercial Capital’s “No Minimum and No Hassle” small business factoring lines.

This small business factoring product is ideal for small companies that wish to factor a few thousand dollars per month. It is ideal for startups that have a lot of potential but have not accrued significant assets. And as opposed to a traditional business loan, the invoice factoring line can easily be increased as sales grow.

“Many factoring companies treat small businesses like ugly ducklings. They impose harsh minimum and reject companies that can meet them. We are different that way”, said Marco Terry, president of Invoice Factoring Group. “We can see the true potential of small businesses and are delighted to work with them and help them grow”

Factoring is an ideal product for companies that cannot wait up 30, 60 or even 90 days to get paid by their clients. It offers a very simple proposition. Basically, you sell your invoices to a factoring company, who pays for them in a day or so. You get immediate use of the funds, while they wait to get paid. This provides you with sufficient capital to meet current expenses and grow your small business.

And, receivables factoring is easy to obtain. Most small businesses can qualify if they have a roster of strong customers. Usually, the underwriting process takes a couple of days and small business owners can get funded in a week or so. It’s an ideal product for consultants, janitorial companies, supply companies, IT consultants, staffing agencies, security agencies, government contractors and cleaning companies.

Commercial Capital is also offering its full suite of trade finance products, which includes purchase order finance, export factoring and import export financing.

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