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Are you looking at purchase order financing and trying to determine if it's the right solution for your company? Learn how po financing works, how transactions are structured, what are its benefits and its limitations. More importantly, learn if purchase order finance is right for you.

Basic information

  • What is PO financing? Learn what is po financing, who it helps, qualification criteria, how a transaction is structured and how the price is determined.
  • Purchase order financing basics. Learn about purchase order funding in more detail. Aside from learning basic transaction structure and pricing, learn about the product advantages and disadvantages.

Using purchase order funding for growth

Additional information

  • Purchase order financing for resellers and trading companies. Do you own a growing reseller or trading company? Do you have large orders and need funding to pay your suppliers. Learn how you can finance your purchase orders and get funds to pay suppliers.
  • Importing Goods from China? Learn how to finance your sales. Using suppliers from China an other Asian countries is a common way to fulfil purchase orders. Learn how to finance your purchase orders and get financing to cover your supplier expenses.
  • Letter of credit basics. Do you need a letter of credit to pay a foreign supplier? Learn the basics on how a letter of credit works how to finance one if you don't have the required bank collateral.
  • Letter of credit alternatives. Do you have a large purchase order but don't have the collateral to open a letter of credit to pay your supplier? Learn how you can finance your POs and get funding to complete your transaction.

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