Find the right company

The right factoring company for your business?

Anyone who is searching for factoring on the Internet will find that there are many options in a crowded market. Many (but not all) offer a great range of services at many different prices. Some offer simple terms. Others have complex pricing structures whose aim seems to be to confuse the client, rather than help them. The array of options can be both dizzying and confusing which makes finding the right company difficult.

Because of the number of available options, you may be compelled to submit as many applications to as many factors as you can - hoping to find the right solution. If you are taking that approach, don’t feel too bad. Most business owners take this approach.

Unfortunately, this approach will seldom give you the right result.

Why? Well, invoice factoring companies come in many different shapes and sizes. While they all claim that they can work with almost any client, the reality is that they can’t. Most have niche specialties and are conformable or knowledgeable in a few industries only.

If you happen to find a company that fits your industry, you may get great services at a competitive price. If you don’t, you may find yourself working with a factor that doesn’t understand you or your business. Worse, you may end up tied to an agreement that will keep you in place for a long time.

Getting into an agreement with the wrong factoring company can hurt your business.

This approach has other drawbacks. Most factoring companies will request financial information about your company before giving you a specific quote. Do you really want to submit your financial information to a number of different companies? Do you really have the time and resources to manage and evaluate several factoring applications and all that it entails? You don't have to! We can help you find the right invoice factoring company.

Here is our approach to working with you

We can minimize the complexity and most (but not all) of the hard work that is required to find the right factor for your business. We can help you:

  • Determine if factoring financing is a good fit for your company
  • Understand what factoring can (and cannot) do for you
  • Help find the best factoring company to meet (or exceed) your needs

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Our Capital Partner Network

We started in the industry ten years ago as a small business factoring company. As a matter of fact, we still factor invoices for certain types of business through our small business factoring subsidiary. However, we found that our marketing was producing leads from companies that needed factoring, but who were too big for us to fund directly.

Through our industry contacts, we started placing these customers with larger factoring companies that could help them. We have now developed a network that can reliably fund:

  • Small opportunities (less than $300,000 per year), thought our small business factoring partners
  • Mid Size opportunities ($300,000 - $5MM year) through our mid tier partners
  • Large opportunities ($5MM - $30MM) through first tier partners
  • Companies in the USA and Canada

How are we compensated?

If we fund your company directly (through our subsidiary), we will be compensated through our standard factoring fees. However, if your company is funded through one of our capital partners, they will compensate us. And remember, we only receive compensation if we find you a company that meets your needs.

In summary

We are uniquely positioned to help you find the right factoring company for your business. We can:

  • Save you time - since we do most of the company assessments for you.
  • Get you great value - since we will connect you with with a factor that is well suited to serve your needs

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