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This section will help you If you are in the process of selecting a factoring company and want to learn as much as you can about invoice factoring. The first part will give you basic information about our products and is a good place to start. The second part has some useful articles about how to select a factoring company and the third part explains how the products work in more detail.

Basic Information

  • What is factoring? Learn basic information about this product, including who it helps, how it works and how transactions are structured.
  • What is invoice factoring? Learn the basics about factoring your invoices. You will learn who this product is designed to help, how it works, how a transaction is structured and get an idea of average costs.
  • What is accounts receivable factoring? Learn how accounts receivable financing works, how a transaction is implemented, what it costs and get some tips on how to negotiate competitive financing terms.

Selecting a Factoring Company

  • What can a factoring company do for me? This article will help you if you are considering working with a factoring company and want to learn the benefits and advantages of their solutions.
  • How to chose the best factoring company. Are you evaluating factoring companies? This article helps take the complexity away from the process and provides a guideline on how to select the right company for your business.
  • How factoring companies can help your business succeed. Most people work with a factoring company because they have cash flow problem. In reality, when used correctly, a finance company can become the fuel that helps your growth engine take your company to the next level. This article shows you how this is done.

Learn about the product in more detail

  • Invoice Factoring Case Study. This finance case study shows how factoring can be used in a real life environment to stabilize cash flow and improve revenues.
  • Factoring financing explainedNeed to learn about this solution? This articles goes beyond the basics and explains the details of how a factoring facility works, how it's setup, how invoices are processed and funded.
  • Invoice factoring explained. Want to learn more about invoice factoring? This article explains how a your invoice financing facility is created, setup and how it runs. It also covers information on how the due diligence and ongoing checks are performed.
  • Accounts receivable factoring explained. This article goes in the the details of how an A/R factoring facility is set up and operated, including details about due diligence, setup and verifications.

General Information

  • A little known business financing option. Have you been unable to get a line of credit or a business loan? Learn about a little known business financing option that can help companies with cash flow problems.
  • How to finance your Canadian business. Do you own a company in Canada that needs business financing? This article will help you if you are unable to obtain bank financing. It describes how factoring your invoices can improve your cash flow and help you grow.
  • Construction factoring - Financing For Subcontractors. Are you a construction subcontractor that works with GC's and commercial clients who pay in 30 to 60 days? This article describes construction factoring, a tool that can improve a subcontractors cash flow.

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