Invoice Factoring Helping Businesses That Can't Get a Loan

Invoice Factoring Group

(PRLEAP.COM) Miami, Florida - Although the economy is growing at a nice clip, business owners are complaining that commercial clients are taking longer than ever to pay their invoices. Invoice factoring is proving to be a lifesaver for them, by providing quick payment for these invoices.

Invoice factoring enables businesses to get a substantial advance on their invoices from a factoring company. This gives business owners the necessary working capital to meet ongoing business expenses while they wait to be paid by their clients.

“A major difference between factoring invoices and a business loan is that factoring is easy to get and can be set up in days,” said Marco Terry, President of the Invoice Factoring Group. “The main qualification requirement,” says Terry, “is that the client do business with good solid customers.”

In standard commercial agreements, business owners have to wait between 30 and 60 days for clients to pay their invoices. This can be very challenging for small and medium sized businesses that need to meet ongoing expenses such as payroll and rent. Many business owners try to get business loans, but usually fail to meet tough banking criteria.

Businesses that need financing should consider accounts receivable factoring if their main problem is that they cannot afford to wait to get paid by customers. Receivables factoring enables owners to get the business financing they need, while sidestepping banks and their rigorous requirements altogether. Typically, businesses can get a factoring arrangement in place in as little as 4 business days.

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