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Is your company offering payment terms and cannot afford to wait up to 8 weeks to get paid by its commercial or government customers? Most large customers will often demand that you give them payment terms as a condition of doing business with you. This puts small companies in a bind because most can't afford to offer terms. One solution is to use business financing to enhance your existing financial resources, enabling you to offer terms with confidence. And the best solution for this type of scenario is to factoring financing.

Factoring rates as low as 1.5%. Advances as high as 85%
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Industry solutions:

Business Services

Business Services Companies, Distributors and Manufacturers

Financing for businesses in the service, wholesale, oilfield services, janitorial, and manufacturing sectors that are located in New Hampshire.

Freight financing


Financing product for trucking companies, transportation intermediaries and freight brokerages.

PO financing

PO Funding

Financing for product resellers and importers.

Export Finance

Export and Trade

Funding for small and medium sized trade companies that sell goods and services to customers outside the US and Canada.

Construction Factoring

Construction Subcontractors

Financing for subcontractors in the construction industry.

Government Contractors

Government Suppliers

Funding for businesses that supply services and products to New Hampshire state agencies and to the federal government.

Security Companies

Security Service Companies

Funding for companies that provide guards for commercial, industrial and government sites.

Staffing Agencies

Temporary Staffing

Funding solution for staffing and employment services in the business and medical fields.

small business factoring

Small Businesses

Factoring for new businesses, small office/home office (SOHO), consultants, independent professionals or any business with less than $250,000 in revenues.

Medical Factoring

Medical Factoring Financing

Specialized program for healthcare practitioners and medical providers that bill private insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid.

Our solution

Our solution allows companies to sell their invoices to a factoring company in exchange for immediate payment. Instead of waiting up to 8 weeks to get paid by your customer, you get funds for your invoices quickly. This provides the money to pay critical business expenses and enables you to offer payment terms with confidence. Invoice factoring enables growing companies to leverage their best asset - their receivables form credit worthy customers.

The funding plan can be implemented quickly and works as follows:

  1. You deliver your product or service to your client
  2. You generate an invoice and sent it to the factoring company and to your client
  3. You get an immediate funding advance of 70% to 90% of your invoice
  4. The factoring company gets paid by your client 30 to 90 days later
  5. You get a second installment (the remaining 10% to 30%), less a funding fee

Accounts receivable factoring can be a better option than most other business financing products, such as business loans. It is easy to qualify for, can be deployed in days and more importantly, it has no set maximums. Your financing line is based solely on that size and quality of the sales/invoices you can generate. This makes it an ideal solution for companies that are in growth-mode.

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