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Financing an Oilfield Services Cleanup Company

The oilfield services industry has been growing at a very decent clip in the past few years. Because of this growth, a number of entrepreneurial folks with industry experience have started their own businesses hoping to tap into this opportunity. Many of these new companies offer a number of services, such as environmental services (e.g. cleanup), […]

An Alternative to Quick Pays For Transportation Companies

Most transportation carriers and freight brokers prefer working with shippers and companies that offer quick pays. As its name implies, customers that offer quick pays usually pay their invoices within 10 days. This is great for the cash flow of carriers and brokers who can use the quick payments to cover their business expenses. This makes […]

Financing An Energy Drink Manufacturing Company With Factoring

Energy drink manufacturing companies usually sell their products to wholesalers and retailers. Most of these sales are structured using sale terms which give the client up to 60 days to pay for the invoice. This works well for clients Although not advantageous to the manufacturing company, terms work very well for clients. It most instances, […]

Advantages of PO Financing

In this article, we will cover some of the advantages of purchase order financing. This should help you determine if po financing is the right solution for your company. If you require a detailed explanation of the product, please go here to learn what is po financing. But in summary, it’s a product that helps wholesalers […]

Disadvantages of Purchase Order Financing

In this article, we will cover some of the disadvantages of purchase order financing. This should help you determine if po financing is the right solution for your company. If you need a detailed explanation of the product, please go here to learn what is po finance. In summary, it’s a product that helps re-sellers that have […]

Is Factoring Invoices Right For Your Company?

Factoring has been gaining popularity in recent years as a way to help companies that have cash flow problems. Because of this, interest in this financial solution has been growing quickly. This short article will help you determine if factoring is the right solution for your company.  To help you with this, we are going to simplify […]

Handling Slow Paying Clients

Slow paying clients can be one of the biggest threats to your cash flow. Knowing how to handle slow paying clients can mean the difference between having good cash flow and having cash flow problems. There a number of ways to handle this, however we would like to focus on prevention. The fact is that […]

Structure of a Purchase Order Financing Transaction

This article will help you understand the basic details of how a purchase order financing transaction is structured. Although the article does not cover each and every detail of the transaction, it will cover the most important points of these transactions. Let’s first set the stage by creating the sample scenario. ABC Product Supplies sells […]

Disadvantages of Invoice Factoring

While invoice factoring is a great product that offers flexible financing to companies that have cash flow problems – it is not a perfect product and like any products, it has some disadvantages. This short article will help you understand some of the disadvantages of invoice factoring and can be used as a tool in […]

Do I Qualify For Purchase Order Funding?

Purchase order financing has been gaining popularity as a way to finance resellers and distributors that have large purchase orders but lack the capital to fulfill them. It is is specifically designed to help resellers  that do not manufacture products directly but buy third-party products and resell them for a profit. To qualify for purchase […]

Why Purchase Order Financing Is NOT For You

You might find it surprising that a company that offers purchase order financing is writing an article about why this solution may not be for you. The fact is that we get a number of prospects that want this type of financing, but don’t necessarily understand how it works or who it helps. This is […]

Factoring Application Success Strategies

This article assumes that you have started the process of interviewing factors and that you are ready to chose among the best candidates for your company. Selecting the right factors to apply with is one of the most important parts of a successful application strategy. We’re going to discuss some simple tricks that will help improve […]

Accounts Receivable Aging Report – Why Do Factoring Companies Ask for It?

As part of their application process, most factoring companies will usually request an accounts receivable aging report. This is the most important piece of information that factoring companies will ask you for. They use this report, along with other information,  to create their proposals. And for the most part – your rate, your advance and […]

How To Select The Right Factoring Company

Most factoring prospects go through the process of selecting a factoring company in a haphazard way. They usually search the Internet and start calling companies to get general information and collect applications. Once you have spoken to those companies, they will usually try to apply with as many factoring companies as they can, hoping that […]

Common Factoring Application Mistakes

A large number of applications that are submitted by factoring prospects tend to be incomplete and have many mistakes. As you can imagine, submitting an incorrect application will decrease the chances of getting funding. You should make every effort to provide an application that is as accurate as possible. Think of the application the same […]

Advantages and Benefits of Invoice Factoring

Invoice financing has been gaining prevalence as a way to finance companies that have cash flow problems due to slow paying customers. This short article will help you understand the advantages of invoice factoring. The basics What is factoring used for? Basically it’s a financial tool that helps your company if you are offering payment terms to corporate customers […]

Financing For Self Employed People

For many self-employed people, finding financing in the current environment is nearly impossible. Most lending institutions are only providing financing for larger well-capitalized companies – those that can show substantial assets, impeccable financial statements, and the track record of growth. However, most self-employed people have the same type of financial problems that larger companies have. […]

Financing a Call Center By Factoring Invoices

Most call centers are complex operations that live and die by their metrics and performance. They need to ensure that each interaction is handled appropriately in order to minimize costs. This requires a large contingent of customer service reps (CSR’s) that need to be well-trained and knowledgeable. They are one of the most important assets […]

Financing a Company in Ontario with Invoice Factoring

Ontario is a hub for small business creation across Canada. It has a heavy concentration of companies in  technology, transportation and manufacturing, among other industries, which often handle commercial sales. That it, they sell products and services to other businesses. While commercial sales have many advantages, they can also have challenges – if the company is not well financed. One common […]

How To Finance a Retail Food Broker with Invoice Factoring

Most small and growing retail food brokers run into two problems when trying to grow their businesses. The combination of these two problems often creates a financial crunch that can threaten their ability to operate, and grow the company. Fortunately, solving these two problems – and thriving – is simpler than you’d expect. Problem #1: Supplier payments Most […]

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