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Using Factoring To Finance Cellular Tower Construction and Maintenance Companies (Video)

This new video explains how factoring can be used to finance cellular tower construction and maintenance companies. It explains how you can factor receivables to improve your cash flow. This helps in situations where clients – such as tower management companies – pay their invoices on net 30 days. Here is a copy of the […]

Freight Bill Factoring For Freight Brokers (Video)

One of the biggest challenges for freight brokers is finding financing. This video explains how factoring financing for freight brokers can provide brokers with working capital, enabling them to pay drivers and meet other expenses on time. Here is a copy of the video:

Freight Bill Factoring – What is It? (Video)

There is a new video about freight bill factoring that you may want to review. It covers all the basics about the product and provides a sample transaction to explain how it works. Here is a a copy of the video:

What is Medical Factoring? (Video)

We have launched a new video that explains how medical factoring financing can help healthcare providers that have cash flow problems due to slow paying medical claims. This short video shows how a transaction works and gives you a good idea of the product benefits.

What is Purchase Order Financing (Video)

We have a new video out that explains how purchase order financing works. This can help resellers and distributors who need help with their supplier expenses. The video explains how transactions are structured and how the product can help your business:

VIDEO: Factoring Companies – How Does Factoring Work?

We have just released the latest video on our YouTube channel. This one covers the subject of factoring companies. You can watch the latest video here:

VIDEO: Factoring Accounts Receivable

Are you looking to learn about factoring accounts receivable? We have just released a video about the subject. You can find it on the invoice factoring group’s YouTube channel or you can watch it here:

VIDEO:What is freight bill factoring?

Here is another product video, this one describes how freight bill factoring helps carriers and brokers. You watch the video here:  

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