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Invoice Factoring – Defined

Invoice factoring is a type of business financing that has been gaining popularity in the past few years. It is designed to help companies that have cash flow problems created by slow paying customers. It has different qualification requirements that most conventional forms of business financing. Because of this, it is comparatively easier to get. An example Let’s look at a […]

Can Invoice Factoring Replace a Line of Credit?

In terms of flexibility and cost, few products are as flexible and as cost effective as a business lines of credit. An area where credit lines are very helpful is in addressing cash flow short falls – especially if they are short term. You can dip into the line of credit to cover company expenses, […]

Can Invoice Factoring Be a Cost Effective Financing Solution?

In short, yes. Provided that your company meets certain criteria. Invoice factoring has been gaining popularity as a tool to finance growing businesses. It is a solution that accelerates payments from slow paying clients, freeing up cash flow and allowing companies to grow.  By eliminating the uncertainties of when they’ll be paid, business owners can […]

How Factoring Your Invoices Can Help Your Business Grow

The main problem for many small companies is not lack of opportunity. Or even lack of potential clients. The biggest problem tends to be lack of adequate cash flow. It affects their ability to manage the company effectively – since they are always dealing with one financial problem after another.  And obviously, it affect your […]

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