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Invoice Factoring For Life Sciences Staffing Companies

One of the biggest challenges for life sciences staffing companies, especially new or growing ones, is that most commercial and industrial customers pay their invoices in 30 to 60 days. Companies that have built a capital reserve can usually handle this because their reserves provide a financial buffer. But if your company is thinly capitalized and […]

Factoring Financing For Financial Services Staffing Companies

When managed correctly, a financial services staffing company can grow very quickly. While this is great news for the company owners, it also leaves your company open to potential cash flow problems. Most growing companies, especially those that don’t have adequate reserves, often bump into  cash flow problems during period of fast growth. These problems can often […]

Invoice Financing For Hospitality Staffing Companies

Most hospitality staffing companies have a common cash flow problem that is prevalent in most staffing companies. They need to pay employees every week but have hospitality customers that pay their invoices in 30 to 60 days. Most hospitality customers – hotels, caterers and restaurant chains – are known for paying their invoices on terms […]

Invoice Factoring Financing For Health Care Staffing Companies

Managing the cash flow of a healthcare staffing agency can be difficult. Most healthcare staffing customers – such as hospitals, nursing homes and medical offices –  pay their invoices every 30 to 60 days. However, your employees need to be paid on a weekly or biweekly basis. This won’t be a problem for agencies that […]

Invoice Financing For Technology Staffing Companies

One of the challenges of owing a technology staffing firm is that it will run into cash flow problems at one time or another. This is a common problem, especially for small companies that are growing quickly. The most common cause for this problem has to do with the timing of customer payments. Most customers pay their […]

Invoice Financing For Legal Services Staffing Companies

Most legal services staffing agencies find themselves with cash flow problems at one time or another. Actually, cash flow problems will usually hit staffing agencies that are growing quickly, which is the worst possible time to have a financial problem. The most common cause for cash flow problems are often slow paying customers. Basically, the […]

Factoring Financing For Consulting Companies

Many small consulting firms will face payroll problems at one time or another during their growth stage. For many, this happens due to a combination of an inadequate cash reserves and slow paying customers. It’s actually common for many small consulting firms to have minimal cash reserves because the owners tend to reinvest their all funds in the firm […]

Business Financing for Staffing Agencies

Many entrepreneurs that work in the staffing industry like it because it is  thought to be less capital intensive than other industries. The concept is that you only hire the employees you need them, when you need them and only to handle the contracts that you have. Although this sounds great – in theory – […]

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