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Financing an Oilfield Services Cleanup Company

The oilfield services industry has been growing at a very decent clip in the past few years. Because of this growth, a number of entrepreneurial folks with industry experience have started their own businesses hoping to tap into this opportunity.┬áMany of these new companies offer a number of services, such as environmental services (e.g. cleanup), […]

Financing An Offshore Oilfield Marine Transportation Company

One of the challenges of winning a large marine transportation contract from an oil and gas company is that the contract will usually have a clause that allows the oilfield client to pay their invoices in up to 45 days. This is a common practice in the energy industry. For many, it can be seen […]

Financing An Oilfield Services Company With Factoring Financing

The oil and gas industry has been on a tear and has been growing very quickly. This in turn has had a positive impact on the oilfield services industry which has seen an incredible increase in demand for services such as oilfield fluids transportation, cleanup and seismic testing among others. Although this increase in demand […]

Financing a Company In the Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing) Industry With Invoice Factoring

The hydraulic fracturing industry (also known as fracking industry) has been gaining traction and growing very quickly in recent years. This in turn has created an important opportunity for companies that service this industry, such as oilfield transportation companies, service companies and others. However, this rapid growth has also created problems for some of the […]

Financing An Oilfield Transportation Company With Invoice Factoring

One of the advantages of working for the oil and gas industry is that most customers have excellent commercial credit and are very good payers. The industry has been growing for the past few years and has excellent prospect for future growth. The challenge is that customers usually demand up to 60 day payment terms. […]

Invoice Factoring Financing For Companies In The Oil and Gas Industry

One of the advantages of working with clients in the oil and gas industry is that they tend to have excellent commercial credit and are very reliable payers. However, like most large companies, they also require that their suppliers give them 30 to 60 day invoice payment terms. This can be a serious problem for […]

Business Financing for Subcontractors in the Oil and Gas Industry

Most subcontractors in the oil and gas industry have enjoyed a number of good years, despite the recession. However, many large oil and gas clients have grown more conservative in the expenditures and have started to take longer to pay their invoices. Companies that paid in 30 days are now paying in net 45. Those […]

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