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Financing For Medical Transcription Companies

Most medical transcription companies have to wait up to 60 days to get paid for their services. Although doctor offices and medical centers are solid payers, they also notorious for paying slowly. They do this for one simple reason – they need to conserve cash. So, they stretch their payments as long as possible. Paying you slowly […]

Understanding Medical Receivables Factoring

Most people think that companies in the healthcare industry are very well paid. The reality is that most healthcare facilities – doctor offices, treatment centers, nursing homes, DME’s and others – have very difficult cash flows. They have a number of upfront expenses that need to be covered. However, they get their revenues by submitting […]

How to Finance a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Company with Medical Factoring

Medical services has been one of the areas of the economy that remained positive during this recession.  Most medical service and durable medical equipment companies have weathered the recession much better than other companies. Obviously, people become ill regardless of economic conditions, so the industry has some immunity from economic downturns. However, this does not mean that they […]

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