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Financing For Chemical Manufacturing Businesses

One of the challenges of manufacturing and selling chemical products to commercial and industrial customers is that most of them will demand that you give them payment terms. In the current environment, most chemical product customers will ask for 30 to 60 days to pay an invoice. While larger chemical manufacturing companies can afford to […]

Factoring and PO Financing For Chemical Supply Companies

Chemical supply companies that handle industrial and commercial sales have a common dilemma. Their customers always demand 30 to 60 day payment terms for their invoices. At the same time, many suppliers will demand an immediate payment. Not every chemical supply company can afford to pay their suppliers upon receipt of goods, while also extending terms […]

Business Financing For Drapery Manufacturing Companies

Providing net 30 to net 60 day payment terms is a common practice in the drapery manufacturing industry. Many commercial customers (e.g. big box retailers like Home Depot or Lowes) often demand to have payment terms. However, offering terms can have negative consequences for many drapery manufacturers that are not well funded. This affects smaller […]

Financing For Industrial Gas Suppliers

Providing net 30 to net 60 day payment terms to customers is a common practice for industrial gas supply companies.  Most industrial gas customers negotiate aggressive purchase contracts that demand long payment terms – some times as long as 75 days. At the same time, most industrial gas suppliers have a number of recurring expenses which place constant demands against working […]

Funding For Financially Troubled Chemical Manufacturing Companies

Companies that sell industrial products usually have to wait 30 to 60 days to get paid by customers. Extending credit to important clients is a common practice in the industry and most vendors don’t have an option. If the client is credit worthy, they must be able to extend payment terms. The problem However, many […]

Invoice Factoring Financing For Hydraulic Equipment Supply and Repair Companies

Hydraulic equipment supply and repair companies that work with commercial or government customers usually have to give customers up to 60- days to pay their invoices. This is a common business practice and is expected in most commercial sales transactions. The problem is that companies that are not well capitalized – or have low reserves […]

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