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Invoice Factoring For Government Contractors

Selling products and services to the federal or local governments can be very profitable. Combined, government agencies purchase billions of dollars a year in goods and services. Furthermore, they have a number of programs designed to help small companies succeed. Although this is a very competitive market, opportunities are plentiful. However, small companies have one problem that prevents […]

Business Financing Options For Government Suppliers – Services and Products

Although no company is immune from the effects of the general economy, many established government contractors have fared the recession better than other businesses. That is, in part, because government purchases are not very sensitive to the economic cycles.  The US government buys many goods and services regardless of how the economy is doing. However, […]

Two Easy Ways to Finance Your Government Sales

The U.S. government can be one of the best customers that your company will ever get. They have great credit, pay on time and buy billions of dollars worth of products and services. And things are even better if you are a small business owner.  The government also has a number of programs to assist […]

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