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How to Pay for Truck Repairs with Factoring Financing

There is nothing more challenging for a small trucking company, or an owner operator, that having to deal with an unexpected truck problem. Now you have a unit that is not working and you are stuck with the repair bill. If you have the money, this will only be an inconvenience. You can pay the […]

Your Shipper Won’t Offer a Quick Pay? One Solution for Freight Carriers

One of the challenges for growing transportation carriers is finding shippers that offer quick pays. This is important because quick pays simplify one of the toughest jobs in the transportation company – managing money. Transportation company managers are often faced with a constant tug-of-war between their income and their expenses. Expenses tend to flow quickly […]

Factoring Financing for Small Freight Carriers

The owners of small freight carriers constantly face challenges with their cash flow. They usually run lean operations that have little money to spare. On one hand, they need to pay their drivers, fuel, maintenance, and equipment costs, on a regular basis. But on the other hand, most customers pay their freight bills on 30 […]

An Alternative to Quick Pays For Transportation Companies

Most transportation carriers and freight brokers prefer working with shippers and companies that offer quick pays. As its name implies, customers that offer quick pays usually pay their invoices within 10 days. This is great for the cash flow of carriers and brokers who can use the quick payments to cover their business expenses. This makes […]

Running Low on Fuel? Try Freight Bill Factoring

Managing the expenses of a trucking company can be very complicated, especially for small companies and for companies that are growing quickly. However, it’s critical that you do a good job at managing your finances if you want your company to be profitable. Trucking companies have a number of expenses that have to be paid […]

How To Finance a Warehousing And Distribution Company With Factoring

Many companies in the third party logistics industry have seen a noticeable growth in their business as the trend to outsource warehousing and distribution services has increased. However, running a warehousing and distribution company can be very challenging. One one hand, you have to deal with managing warehouse space, distribution fleet, and employees. These expenses need to be paid […]

How To Finance A 3PL Company With Freight Factoring

Third party logistics companies play a key role in the supply management chain, allowing companies to outsource a number of transportation and warehousing functions. They often have to deal with demanding situations that require both operational and financial flexibility. Because of this, it is not unusual for 3PL companies to run into cash flow problems, especially […]

Invoice Factoring Financing For Freight Brokers

Most freight brokers are entrepreneurs at heart, that started their business due to their industry knowledge, contacts and their ability to find freight loads. Few have the time, or inclination, to focus on the financial details of the firm. The problem is that brokerages have very dynamic cash flows which can be difficult to manage. […]

Freight Factoring Financing For Transportation Companies

Managing the finances of a trucking company can be difficult for owners. Many have a lot of experience in the trucking industry and know everything about finding and delivering freight loads. However, they view the financial side of the company as boring, detail oriented time consuming work. But as you can imagine, managing your corporate […]

Invoice Factoring Financing For Delivery Service Companies

Most delivery service company owners are comfortable juggling multiple financial responsibilities. On one hand, there are drivers, fuel, and maintenance that need to be paid. On the other hand, most corporate and government customers take up to 60 days to pay their invoices because they demand payment terms. Unless the delivery service company has a cash […]

Invoice Factoring For Freight Forwarding Companies

One of the most difficult tasks for a freight forwarding company is managing their cash flow. Most freight forwarders can run into working capital issues because they have to pay their obligations (carriers, warehouses, etc.) at a faster rate than customers are paying their invoices. This can lead into a cash squeeze where the freight […]

Invoice Factoring For Freight And Trucking Companies

Most transportation companies run into cash flow problems at one time or another. Usually these problems arise from the fact that many shippers don’t provide quick pays and pay their invoices in 30 to 60 days. However, as a transportation company owner, you have a number of immediate business expenses. Drivers need to be paid. […]

Business Financing For Logistics Companies

Most successful logistics companies are very good at managing and juggling the demands on their cash flow. One one hand you have expenses – there are drivers that need to be paid, fuel that needs to be purchased and trucks that need to be maintained. One the other hand you have income, which are usually your invoices. The problem that most transportation companies […]

How to Use Factoring to Finance your Trucking Company

Finding the right financing solution for a trucking company can be difficult. Most owners are very good at finding loads and running their trucks, but often fall short on the financial side of things. This can be a serious problem because most growing trucking companies will need financing at some point to succeed. And without […]

Financing a Growing Trucking Company or Brokerage

Many trucking companies and freight brokerages often run into financial problems when they are growing. Actually, it’s not unusual for companies to have serious problems when they are growing the fastest. The reason has to do with how cash flows through most trucking companies. Expenses, which take cash away from your accounts, have to be […]

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