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Financing For Lumber Distributors

Managing the financial aspects of a lumber distribution company can be very challenging and require a delicate balance. You must invest your funds and keep enough lumber in inventory to meet your clients demands. At the same time, you need to make sure that you don’t overextend yourself financially by buying too much inventory. To […]

Invoice Factoring Financing For Commercial Paving Companies

It’s common for companies in the paving industry to give their commercial clients and general contractor customers up to 60 days to pay an invoice. Offering payment terms, as this is commonly called, is an industry practice that many companies follow. Your company has to offer terms to its clients, if it wishes to remain competitive. Offering terms […]

Factoring Financing For Building Products Distributors

Most building product suppliers that sell to general contractors and commercial accounts are painfully aware of the fact that most sales need to be done on credit terms. If your customers have good commercial credit, you have to offer them the option to pay their invoices in 30 to 60 days. Whether you can afford […]

Invoice Factoring Financing For Utility Construction Companies

One of the advantages of owning a utility construction company is that customers – such as utilities and large GC’s – have great credit and pay their invoices on time.  They also tend to award contracts on a regular basis and can provide a steady stream of work. Because of this, they can make great […]

Factoring Financing For Construction Supply Companies

The construction industry has endured a difficult time in recent years due to the recession and the implosion of the housing bubble. Many construction companies went out of business. Those that survived started taking longer to pay their invoices. Invoices that used to be paid in net 30 days now take 60 days. In some cases, invoices can even longer and […]

Business Financing For Directional Boring (and Directional Drilling) Companies

Companies that are in the directional drilling and/or directional boring industry have an interesting predicament. Their customers are usually utility companies or large oilfield service companies with good commercial credit and great payment track records. The problem is that they often demand trade credit and pay slowly – they can take anywhere from 30 to […]

Financing a Property or Foreclosure Preservation Company

For many companies, the recent recession has been a constant source of financial problems. The real estate bust has forced banks, real estate companies, real estate investment trusts (REITs) and other entities to foreclose on a number of properties that had delinquent borrowers. In a short period of time, these companies went from holding mortgages on properties […]

Construction Factoring and Pay when Paid Contract Clauses

One of the biggest obstacles to closing a factoring transaction in the construction industry is running into the dreaded “pay when paid” contract clause that many general contractors use. Basically it means that the general contractor will only pay your invoice once they themselves get paid by the end client.  Obviously having this clause protects that GC from having […]

Selling Steel Reinforcing Bars (Rebar)? Learn How Factoring Can help You Grow

Companies that sell reinforcing steel bars (or concrete bars – also known as rebar) are heavily dependent on builders and general contractors as the source of their revenues. Their cash flow is concentrated in the construction industry and on customers that are notorious for paying their invoices slowly – and often late. Offering terms can create cash flow problems This […]

How Cable Installers Can Benefit from Factoring Receivables

Many cable installers run very profitable businesses, especially those that work as subcontractors for the large providers such as AT&T, Time Warner or Comcast. While they can be demanding as clients, working with large customers can help ensure a steady supply of new orders and financial stability for your company. However, your company can also run […]

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