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Financing a Call Center By Factoring Invoices

Most call centers are complex operations that live and die by their metrics and performance. They need to ensure that each interaction is handled appropriately in order to minimize costs. This requires a large contingent of customer service reps (CSR’s) that need to be well-trained and knowledgeable. They are one of the most important assets […]

Invoice Financing For Office Cleaning Companies

Most office cleaning companies are started by folks that have knowledge, ambition and often not enough working capital. Because of this, their companies are run as lean operations. Owners don’t keep a substantial cash reserve because they don’t have the money. Instead, they rely on their clients paying their invoices on time. Timely payments are […]

Business Financing For Office Supply Companies

Many growing office supply companies will run into cash flow problems at one time or another. As a growing company, it’s easy for managers to be so focused on sales that they lose focus of their financial situation.  They can overextend themselves, and be unable to pay bills or employee salaries. What is worse is that […]

Invoice Factoring For Office Furniture Suppliers

While rewarding, running a furniture supply company can be financially challenging. While profit margins are often high, these types of companies have high start up costs. Part of the high cost is to due to the initial inventory build up, which is expensive. Additionally, you have high operating expenses because you are generally selling large quantities […]

Financing For Software Services Companies

Running a software company can be challenging. Like most entrepreneurs, your biggest focus is on finding and retaining technically savvy talent that can create and deliver the software solutions that you – and your clients need. Aside from your clients, your employees are your biggest asset. Making sure that you always have the funds to make […]

Invoice Factoring Financing For Janitorial Companies

Most janitorial and office cleaning companies are small businesses run by entrepreneurs with ambition and knowledge, but without substantial capital. They invest their funds to buy supplies and hire staff, but usually cash flow is tight. They depend on their customers paying on a timely basis so that they can pay their own bills on […]

Financing Food Service Companies with Invoice Factoring

The food service industry has a reputation for being difficult. Running a business and a kitchen while getting all the food done on time and to perfection requires someone who operates as half chef and half drill Sargent. It requires business acumen and the ability to operate under fast  and often stressful conditions. And if you […]

Financing a Truck / Fleet Washing Business

To successfully operate a truck or fleet washing company, an owner (or business manager) needs to be good at juggling multiple tasks and demands. Obviously, you must be able to meet client demands by ensuring that you have proper staffing and equipment. But that is only part of the picture. You must also manage your cash flow […]

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