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Financing a Company in Ontario with Invoice Factoring

Ontario is a hub for small business creation across Canada. It has a heavy concentration of companies in  technology, transportation and manufacturing, among other industries, which often handle commercial sales. That it, they sell products and services to other businesses. While commercial sales have many advantages, they can also have challenges – if the company is not well financed. One common […]

Business Financing for Companies in Canada

Many companies in Canada run into a common financial problem. They sell products or services to larger companies, who insist on getting payment terms. They want the option to pay an invoice 30 to 60 days after you have delivered your product or service. This is a regular business custom and most commercial sales are […]

Factoring for Canadian Trucking Companies

Transportation is one of the bigger industries in Canada, especially in certain provinces (e.g. Quebec and Alberta). While the industry has a number of large players, it’s mostly made up of small companies that are operated by entrepreneurs. These companies are run on tight budgets and usually have a few trucks and a couple of drivers who […]

Financing for Companies in Quebec

The economy of Quebec has undergone a substantial transformation in the past decade, with an expansion in the knowledge economy, research and development, aerospace and transportation industries. This vibrant economy has lead to business creation – as many entrepreneurs decided to leverage their skills and try to grow their own companies. However, companies need financing to grow. And for many companies in […]

How to Finance your Company in Alberta with Invoice Factoring

Even though the economy in Alberta is doing very well, getting business financing remains a challenge.  The massive boom in the oil industry has been a catalyst that has enabled entrepreneurs to start companies in many related industries such as oilfield services and transportation. However, these same businesses have often run into financial problems because of their inability […]

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