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Increase Your Chances of Getting Factoring Financing

Most companies that submit an application for financing don’t provide any additional information other than what is requested in the application.  This is fine, since they are doing exactly what the application is asking for. However, you can improve your chances of qualifying for financing, and getting better rates, by doing one extra thing: submitting […]

Factoring Application Success Strategies

This article assumes that you have started the process of interviewing factors and that you are ready to chose among the best candidates for your company. Selecting the right factors to apply with is one of the most important parts of a successful application strategy. We’re going to discuss some simple tricks that will help improve […]

Common Factoring Application Mistakes

A large number of applications that are submitted by factoring prospects tend to be incomplete and have many mistakes. As you can imagine, submitting an incorrect application will decrease the chances of getting funding. You should make every effort to provide an application that is as accurate as possible. Think of the application the same […]

What Happens if you Lie on a Factoring Application?

It is not usual for companies that are looking for factoring to have cash flow problems. As a matter of fact, factoring is specifically designed to help companies that have cash flow problems due to slow paying customers, so it should be expected that a number of prospects have some type of financial problem. Factors […]

How Quickly Do You Need Your Money?

There is one common thing among all factoring financing prospects – they all need their money quickly. They almost always ask their company, how quickly can you move? How quickly can you get us funded? While there is widespread belief (many times justified!) that financial institutions move slowly. Most factoring companies move very quickly. Actually, […]

How Negotiate Better Factoring Terms

Every prospective client wants it – better factoring rates. However, most prospect go around the process of negotiating rates wrong way, they just demand a better term sheet and try to  strong arm the factoring company into agreeing. While making demands for better terms may work at times, it’s not a good strategy for long […]

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