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Using Factoring To Finance Cellular Tower Construction and Maintenance Companies (Video)

This new video explains how factoring can be used to finance cellular tower construction and maintenance companies. It explains how you can factor receivables to improve your cash flow. This helps in situations where clients – such as tower management companies – pay their invoices on net 30 days. Here is a copy of the […]

Freight Bill Factoring For Freight Brokers (Video)

One of the biggest challenges for freight brokers is finding financing. This video explains how factoring financing for freight brokers can provide brokers with working capital, enabling them to pay drivers and meet other expenses on time. Here is a copy of the video:

Freight Bill Factoring – What is It? (Video)

There is a new video about freight bill factoring that you may want to review. It covers all the basics about the product and provides a sample transaction to explain how it works. Here is a a copy of the video:

How to Pay for Truck Repairs with Factoring Financing

There is nothing more challenging for a small trucking company, or an owner operator, that having to deal with an unexpected truck problem. Now you have a unit that is not working and you are stuck with the repair bill. If you have the money, this will only be an inconvenience. You can pay the […]

What is Medical Factoring? (Video)

We have launched a new video that explains how medical factoring financing can help healthcare providers that have cash flow problems due to slow paying medical claims. This short video shows how a transaction works and gives you a good idea of the product benefits.

What is Purchase Order Financing (Video)

We have a new video out that explains how purchase order financing works. This can help resellers and distributors who need help with their supplier expenses. The video explains how transactions are structured and how the product can help your business:

How Do Factoring Rebate Rates Work?

Most invoice financing transactions have two components, the advance and the rebate. The advance rate is provided to your company as soon as the invoice is financed, and can range from 70% to 95% of the receivable. The rebate is basically the amount that was not advanced, less any fees or reserves. For example, if […]

How Do Factoring Advance Rates Work?

Most factoring transactions are structured by financing the invoice using two installments – the advance and the rebate. The advance is the installment that is wired to your account as soon as the factoring company receives the invoice that you want to finance. Depending on your transaction, the advance may range between 70% of the […]

What is a factoring company?

The quick definition. A factoring company specializes in financing small and medium sized businesses that have cash flow problems because their customers are paying their invoices in 30 to 60 days. Offering credit terms is difficult Although customers are paying their invoices within the guidelines of their contracts, many small businesses cannot afford to wait […]

VIDEO: Factoring Companies – How Does Factoring Work?

We have just released the latest video on our YouTube channel. This one covers the subject of factoring companies. You can watch the latest video here:

Common Issues With Factoring Your Invoices

Most invoice factoring transactions tend to be very hands on, and therefore demand that all the parties work well together. This is perhaps one of the drawbacks of this type of financing. It has a lot of moving parts and requires a little bit of effort to make sure that everything works out well. This […]

VIDEO: Factoring Accounts Receivable

Are you looking to learn about factoring accounts receivable? We have just released a video about the subject. You can find it on the invoice factoring group’s YouTube channel or you can watch it here:

Are your Commercial Customers Worthy of Net 30 Day Credit Terms?

Most commercial clients will demand 30 day to 60 day payment terms as part of their sales contracts. This means that their vendors have to deliver the goods and then wait up to 8 weeks before they receive payment. Clients do this for one simple reason – it improves their cash flow. It’s like getting […]

Top Reasons For Changing Factoring Companies

The factoring financing industry is pretty competitive. Because of this, it’s not unusual for prospects to shop around to see if they can get a better deal somewhere else. However, changing factoring companies can be tricky and many times you will be better off staying where you are. If done incorrectly, changing companies can disrupt your business […]

Issues When Changing Factoring Companies

Although helping a client change factoring companies is something that is done every day, it’s a complicated matter that has to be handled delicately. The process has a lot of moving parts that have to be carefully orchestrated to ensure a smooth transition from the old provider to the new company. The biggest problem is that a mishap […]

Increase Your Chances of Getting Factoring Financing

Most companies that submit an application for financing don’t provide any additional information other than what is requested in the application.  This is fine, since they are doing exactly what the application is asking for. However, you can improve your chances of qualifying for financing, and getting better rates, by doing one extra thing: submitting […]

VIDEO:What is freight bill factoring?

Here is another product video, this one describes how freight bill factoring helps carriers and brokers. You watch the video here:  

Your Shipper Won’t Offer a Quick Pay? One Solution for Freight Carriers

One of the challenges for growing transportation carriers is finding shippers that offer quick pays. This is important because quick pays simplify one of the toughest jobs in the transportation company – managing money. Transportation company managers are often faced with a constant tug-of-war between their income and their expenses. Expenses tend to flow quickly […]

Factoring Financing for Small Freight Carriers

The owners of small freight carriers constantly face challenges with their cash flow. They usually run lean operations that have little money to spare. On one hand, they need to pay their drivers, fuel, maintenance, and equipment costs, on a regular basis. But on the other hand, most customers pay their freight bills on 30 […]

Financing For Companies with No Assets

Having assets that can be used as collateral is one of the most important requirements to qualify for a business loan, or most conventional forms of business financing. And it makes sense, banks and lending institutions want to protect their position by ensuring that you have the wherewithal to pay them back. The problem with […]

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